Pilates is just as good for fitness as any other form of exercise. If you want to improve your fitness levels with pilates then reformer classes are the best choice. With

pilates reformer benefits

felt in your physical body and mental state it’s no wonder our classes are so popular!

Pilates reformer benefits

Reformer pilates brings a whole host of benefits to your body. The reformer offers all the normal benefits of pilates, such as overall strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. These things, in turn, lead to overall improvements in daily life such as better posture, efficient and graceful movement, and for many, relief from various pains such as back pain.

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What will pilates do for my body?

A regular pilates workout is one of the top ways to shape and tone your entire body. It helps you create lean, long and toned muscles. The results are developed by using controlled movements that are focused on your core. This increases flexibility, endurance and builds strength.

The changes in your body you can expect from fitness pilates can range from better alignment, lengthening and toning of your muscles, and improved posture. The areas of the body that are most dramatically affected are the glutes, triceps, abdominals and inner thighs. Most people start to see results in their waistline first after a month of pilates.

Want to find fitness pilates near you?

The Pilates Room is your local health and fitness studio in Ramsgate. We offer a range of pilates classes which will help improve on your fitness levels. Whether you wish to work in a group, privately or with a friend, we have something for you. You can even try pilates for only $10 with our Introductory Class. Get in contact to find out more.

Visit The Pilates Room in Ramsgate today and take a free tour of our centre. First Class Only $10! Call us today for more information.

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