Our Team

Angela Korakis

Founder of The Pilates Room

Angela’s Pilates experience started back in 1999. The moment she participated in a mat class, there was no turning back, muscles which rarely got a workout were now worked. The body became stronger, more flexible and stable. The mind calmer and happier.

After 14 years of school teaching, Angela has trained with various training institutes acquiring her Diploma in Pilates. After teaching in a Pilates studio, the aim was to turn her passion into a career. Opening her studio, The Pilates Room, in 2012 was greeted with enthusiastic clients who were eager to strengthen, lengthen and align their bodies and also to help reduce stress. The Pilates Room was the Winner of the Most Outstanding Fitness Services in 2015.

Pilates has helped Angela work through weaknesses, injuries, different stages of life, pre and post-natal periods, helping her keep strong both physically and mentally.

Angela’s teaching background, a passion for Pilates and the capabilities of the body, has helped 100’s of clients including children, achieve goals such as preventing and improving injuries, helping spinal issues, increasing core and back strength, weight-loss and stress reduction.

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