The main appeal of pilates for any individual is the improvement in flexibility it can bring to your body. Whether you opt for mat classes, reformer classes, or a combination of both, your pilates instructor will undertake various exercises that will help improve your flexibility over time.

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is all about stretch and strength. The stretch part of this equation is vital. It’s what helps you maintain physical integrity and alignment as you stretch your muscles, or increase your range of motion in a joint or specific area of the body. There are a variety of common pilates exercises that your class will include that help promote flexibility. These include:

  • Wall roll down
  • Spine stretch
  • Saw
  • Swan back extension
  • Mermaid side stretch
  • Hip stretch

What if I am not flexible?

Most people when they first start pilates don’t feel very flexible. This is completely normal, and shouldn’t deter you from trying. Pilates is a class that will allow you to improve over time, regardless of your ability. It requires consistency and dedication and you will start to see changes. Even if you don’t think you’re flexible, you will start to see improvements after a month.

Looking for pilates classes to improve your flexibility?

If you want to improve your flexibility, then The Pilates Room is your local health and fitness studio in the Ramsgate area. We offer a range of mat and reformer classes to help improve your flexibility. Our team has been practicing pilates for 19 years, so there is no one better equipped to assist you on your pilates journey. You can try for only $10 with our Introductory Class. Get in touch to find out more.

Visit The Pilates Room in Ramsgate today and take a free tour of our centre. First Class Only $10! Call us today for more information.

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