Here at The Pilates Room, we offer a wide range of reformer classes in the form of group, private and semi-private classes. A

reformer workout

is the ideal way to build strength and work towards your fitness goals using our state of the art reformer resistance machines.

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What is reformer pilates?

In our effective small group classes, a reformer workout utilises spring-controlled resistance to build core strength, endurance, coordination and increase flexibility. The resistance that’s created by the pulley and spring system, alongside the weight of your body, provides you with a challenging endurance and strength workout and will make you work even harder than mat pilates. The focus is on understanding how your core muscles work, and learning to activate them in the right way, and beginning to improve your overall general flexibility, strength, and posture.

Benefits of reformer classes

The reformer workout with pilates is the most effective way to tone your whole body. It is perfect for any fitness level and age. These classes are also perfect for those recovering from an injury as the body balance reformer allows you to rebuild your muscles, strengthen your core and regain mobility all whilst providing a low-impact fitness regime. If you want to tone your full body, without any muscle bulk, then a reformer class is the perfect choice for you.

Reformer pilates near me

If you’re interested in a reformer class in the South Sydney area, then we are the perfect choice for you. We offer a wide range of classes throughout the week, so we have something to suit everyone. Prices start from just $30 per session. Get in touch on (02) 9529 9886 to find out more.

Visit The Pilates Room in Ramsgate today and take a free tour of our centre. First Class Only $10! Call us today for more information.

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