At The Pilates Room, we offer a range of

group pilates

classes. The great thing about our group classes is that we don’t overcrowd them. We focus on groups of around seven people meaning our instructors can focus on ensuring you are getting the best from your class and pushing yourself.

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Why choose a group pilates class?

If you’re wondering whether a small group pilates class is the right option for you, then we’ve listed some top advantages. Don’t forget, that if you find that group classes aren’t the perfect choice, we offer both private and semi-private pilates classes too.

1. Customised program

People do pilates for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to work on your core, strengthen your muscles, or to simply feel good, a small group lesson will allow your instructor to customise exercises to suit your specific needs and requirements.

2. Better understanding

Smaller group classes allow your instructor a deeper understanding of your limitations and strengths. This means more individualised attention. You won’t feel lost in a sea of people and your instructor can track your progress and abilities.

3. Interactive and fun

If you’re interested in pilates for the social aspect of meeting people (alongside the fitness element), then a group lesson is perfect for you. It gives you a chance to meet more like-minded pilates fanatics and it can help you stay motivated if you get to know the people you are working out alongside.

Pilates classes near me

If you’re interested in group pilates classes near you, then you’re in luck. We cater to the South Sydney area providing you with high-quality, fun studio pilates classes. Group classes start at $22 for mat classes and $30 for reformer classes. We also offer great package deals so it’s worth getting committed.

We offer a Introductory Class for Only $10! Call us today for more information., so, get in touch to find out more today.

Visit The Pilates Room in Ramsgate today and take a free tour of our centre. First Class Only $10! Call us today for more information.

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