We are proud of our reputation within the community and we truly believe we are the best studio to offer pilates with the best instructors. It's clear others think so too with our 2015 award. Below we've featured some of our favourite reviews from happy clients.


"The pilates room is a great space for both men and women. The group classes have quite an intimate feel which allows you to feel like you're getting the attention you need to improve. I've been to larger group classes before, and it can feel like you're being ignored because there are too many people for one instructor to handle. That's not the case at The Pilates Room. I feel like I've gotten more from these sessions than any other pilates sessions I've done in the past."


"When I first started pilates, I literally had no idea what I was doing, and I was worried everyone was going to judge me, but when I had my first session, I realised I was completely wrong. The instructors at The Pilates Room are friendly, committed and 100% passionate about their practice. I was able to ask questions, and have certain moves explained slowly to me in order to help me improve. The instructors offer great advice and I find them all extremely approachable. It's because of this atmosphere that I have been able to stay committed in my pilates journey!"


"The Pilates Room is great because it offers you so much choice when it comes to classes. When I first started out, I began with mat classes in a group session. I did this for a couple of months, then I wanted to work my way up to the reformer classes. Now I work out with my best friend after I got her hooked on pilates too. We make use of the semi-private classes and the attention and expertise from the instructors is top quality. My friend and I now do a combination of mat and reformer classes as this allows us to get the variety we want from pilates. The Pilates Room offers great deals on combo packages which makes it even easier to stay committed."

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