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7 things we wish we knew starting reformer Pilates
June 5, 2019

How to feel better on bad days (weather)

Rainy days, especially a series of rainy days, can play havoc on our mood. Everything becomes grey and soggy, making every day chores a pain. Even the recreational activities we can do become limited. All of this can bring on a case of the blues.

While we can’t change the weather, there are a few things we can do to enhance our mood and stave off that rainy day feeling. Here are a few ways you can feel better on bad weather days.

Listen to upbeat music – Stay away from ballads and sad songs. Today is not the day to pull out the moody music you listened to in high school. You need to pump some positive, dance-worthy borderline cheesy songs to get your spirit soaring.

Declutter – While that upbeat music is pumping, take the opportunity to clear out a closet or two. Getting rid of the unwanted items in your home will be freeing. For another feel-good boost, look at donating the items that are in good nick to a charity.

Take your vitamin D – Called the sunshine vitamin because it is produced by sunlight, vitamin D is a great ally in the fight against depression. Taking a regular vitamin D supplement can help create a reservoir in your body for those days when the sun is not out.

Make it a family day – If you are stuck inside, break out the board games and treat the tribe to some amazing comfort food. Use it as an excuse to reconnect with the people you love.

Plan for sunnier days – To get your mind off how unpleasant the day is, try and focus on the future. Plan a day trip or a hike for another day. Call a friend or family member up and make it an event you can look forward to.

Pilates is a great indoor activity to take up and in practically weatherproof because it takes place in a studio like the comfortable ones here at The Pilates Room. Start a class or to speak to a member of our team today by calling us or visit the contact page on our website.

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