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November 5, 2018
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What Type of Breathing is Utilised?

One of the most challenging aspects of pilates for beginners is learning how to breathe properly. And this is unsurprising. The best way to breathe during pilates is actually slightly different to what you would do in day-to-day activities. So it can be quite hard to become accustomed to. However, with some guidance and practice, it will soon become second nature. Here’s the three step process.

Let’s consider five reasons why pilates is the perfect way to start your day.

1. Breathing into the base of your ribs

By breathing right down into the base of your ribs, what you find is that this helps you to maintain tightness in your abdominals. In turn, you can achieve greater benefit from each position and push your core to its limits. You breathe in during the relaxing/reset part of a movement.

2. Breathing out when you exert

Your out breath should be smooth and should occur on the exertion part of the pilates movement. This engages your deep abdominal muscles, helping to tense your core and also protect your back. Simply put, it helps you to get greater benefit from the tough part of each movement.

3. Maintaining consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to breathing in pilates. Following steps one and two is important. But mastering step three is the ultimate aim. You will find that maintaining the in and out breaths is tough as you manoeuvre between positions and up the intensity. So, you need to be aware of your breathing at all times, and try to keep your breathing and your body movements in tempo with one another.

A great way to develop proper pilates breathing is to practise by placing your hands on either side of your stomach, just under the ribs. As you breathe in, you should focus on expanding your ribs so that your hands move outwards. Performing this simple technique over and over at home will help you to develop the right sort of breathing.

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