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Pilates has quickly become one of the most popular health trends around the world. And rightly so, as regular members to our sessions report a variety of benefits, including everything from better posture to reduced levels of stress.

Our small team of highly skilled

pilates practitioners

and trainers have a combined level experience of more than three decades. And we are here to help men and women all across Sydney to change their lives through the beauty of pilates.

Our state of the art facility is located just a 2-minute walk from the beautiful Ramsgate Beach, making it a wonderful location within close proximity to all homes in South Sydney. We are happy to welcome new members from all walks of life, including beginners to pilates and those with a little more experience.

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What to expect

At The Pilates Room, we offer a number of different classes. This includes both group classes and private ones, each offering slightly different sessions. Our group sessions are a wonderful way to regularly enjoy pilates in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Each class is one hour long and you will experience a variety of different moves. These will target things like your breathing, abdominal and pelvic floor contractions, joint stabilisation, flexibility and developing a strong neutral spine.


The classes are designed to be testing but not overwhelming. You are free to go at your own pace and to follow along with the instructor as well as you can. You can gain expert guidance and assistance that will allow you to gradually improve your abilities as time goes on.

We do recommend that, prior to joining in with group classes, you have a 1-on-1 session with one of our team members. This will allow us to personally get to know you and your body and to guide you through the basics of pilates.

Such as, showing you how to breathe properly and to work for individual muscle groups within your body. What regular visitors love is that no two classes are ever the same. Each one presents unique challenges and opportunities to improve your strength and flexibility.

Visit The Pilates Room in Ramsgate today and take a free tour of our centre. First Class Only $10! Call us today for more information.


The #1 pilates centre in Sydney

We strongly believe that The Pilates Room is the premier pilates studio in Sydney. Unlike other pilates studios nearby, we offer a unique experience designed for people of all ages and abilities. The things that make us stand out include:

  • Our many years of experience - Together, we have almost 40 years worth of experience in the fitness industry.
  • Our love and passion for the role - We truly do love what we do, and this passion and enthusiasm shines through and allows us to offer a truly rewarding experience.
  • Our commitment to helping you develop - We believe in helping you to improve your abilities and this is our number one focus in each and every class.
  • The facility we have built - We have invested in all the necessary pilates equipment allowing us to vary each class and properly target each muscle group.
  • The small, intimate classes - We believe that small, more intimate classes offer each individual the chance to see real improvement after each session.

The Pilates Room has now been operating for more than six years, and in that time we have built up a strong and respected reputation in the local community. Many of our members have been visiting regularly for two or more years, and we enjoy welcoming new faces almost every week.

Our devotion to the service we provide has not gone unnoticed in Sydney. In fact, The Pilates Room was the recipient of the Most Outstanding Fitness Services Award in 2015. And since then, the pilates classes we offer have only got better!

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If you’re looking for pilates near me in Ramsgate and Sydney, then you’ve found the ideal centre. We're always happy to welcome new people and would love the chance to show off the quality of classes that are on offer.

You can view our class schedule on this website and turn up to a session that suits you best. As we are increasingly busy, we recommend contacting us in advance to find out a bit more about us and to book in for a class. Simply give us a call on 02 9529 9886, or email us at

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