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How Pilates helps with my mind

A strong core, beautiful arms and a toned body aren’t the only positive results Pilates will bring to your life. While the physical benefits of a Pilates regimen are widely lauded, lesser known is how the exercise helps with your mental and psychological well-being.

Pilates can help reduce stress, assist you with combatting depression and anxiety and increase memory function. If you stick with a routine, you’re not only going to get the healthy, beautiful body you’ve always wanted, but you will also get a stronger, more vigorous mind.

Here are a few ways this fantastic exercise helps you achieve that.

Helps reduce stress

When you’re doing your routine, you’re focussing on two things: your form and your breathing. This locks everything else out of your life, including the stresses of the world outside the studio. It is this singular focus on yourself and your present state that can help clear your mind and give you much needed time to remove yourself from the taxing elements of your life.

Stress can manifest in some very physical ways as well. Headaches, muscle tension and an out-of-whack digestive system are just some of them. Pilates can help relieve pressure and relax your muscles.

Depression and anxiety

Exercise, in general, helps with maintaining healthy levels of serotonin of cortisol in our body and releases mood-lifting endorphins. These chemicals directly affect our state of mind. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, it is a great idea to include a regular Pilates routine in your treatment regimen. The knock on effect of getting a healthy body can also aid in fighting depression. For many of us, our body image is a significant influencer on our mental health.

Memory function

There are a few ways Pilates helps with overall brain function including improving your memory. A routine helps stimulate new cell growth in the brain. It also increases blood flow to the brain by assisting in the growth of new blood vessels, creating new highways through which oxygen can flow through this vital organ. Memory is also aided by rest. A regular exercise routine can limit the number of restless nights you experience, therefore increasing your ability to retain information.

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