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7 things we wish we knew starting reformer Pilates

A when you first enter a Pilates studio and see a reformer on the floor, it can be quite intimidating. To the uninitiated, at best it looks complicated and at worst, it looks downright medieval.

Once you start a reformer Pilates class, however, it becomes an amazing partner in helping you achieve your goals. But in all honesty, there are some growing pains you have to go through before you become a competent practitioner.

Here is a list of seven things we wish we knew before starting reformer Pilates.

Leave the shorts at home – When doing reformer Pilates, its best to stick with form-fitting clothing. While your gym shorts may be perfect for cardio or weight routines you will need to abandon them when going to the Pilates studio. The reformer causes shorts to ride up and you may give your fellow studio attendees an unintended show.

Your movements need to be economical – When novices strap into a reformer for the first time they tend to perform big dramatic movements. This is unnecessary. Pilates is about using little, targeted movements to achieve results. Focus on your form, breathing and pacing and the rewards will follow.

Wear unadorned clothing – When it comes to gym clothing, simple is best, especially on a reformer. Buttons and zippers, sequins and tassels can get caught up in the machine. Don’t underestimate the amount of pain a metallic object can cause as you move up and down on the machine.

Lack of sweat doesn’t mean you’re not working – Trust us, you will feel this in the morning. A lot of beginners believe because they are not pouring sweat during their reformer Pilates class, they are not getting results. Not so. You will feel your muscles growing from the strength creating workout you did the day before.

Get a grip – buy grip socks – You won’t need sneakers and regular socks will cause you to slip and slide when you don’t want to. Invest in a few pairs of socks with grips on them. They are the only bit of footwear you will need.

Be a teacher’s pet – Listen and follow the teacher’s instructions exactly. Pilates will garner great fitness results but the speed at which those results are achieved will have to do with how well you execute each movement. Do exactly as the instructor says and you won’t go wrong.

Everything takes time – Be patient with yourself. It will take time to get comfortable with the reformer and Pilates in general. If you stick with it, you will have a lifelong love affair with this great exercise and your new body.

If you want to learn more about reformer Pilates, reach out to us at The Pilates Room, or speak to a member of our team today by calling us or visiting the contact page on our website.

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